About Our Orange County Divorce Attorneys

Alternative Divorce Solutions Leads the Way in Divorce Matters in Newport Beach

Alternative Divorce Solutions is a divorce mediation firm with locations in Newport Beach, Long Beach, and Los Angeles, CA. The firm was founded by attorney-mediator, Lani Baron, who created the practice because she believed that families should be offered a better way to divorce.

Alternative Divorce Solutions is a leader in the industry, offering innovative flat fee pricing, streamlined processes, and a more respectful and manageable way to handle divorce. Our mediation solutions will allow you to move through the divorce process smoothly, without unnecessary stress and emotional discomfort. We want to help you and your spouse avoid the time and financial hardships associated with most divorce cases.

A Dedicated Divorce Team

At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we can appreciate that there are many options available when you are thinking about a divorce. We are proud to offer you an exceptional team of attorney-mediators, as well as highly trained support staff that will help you navigate these uncertain times.

  • We always work with your family to help save you time, stress, and money. Call our firm today at (949) 558-2624 to schedule your free 1-hour case consultation.