How to Choose a Divorce Mediator

The decision to end your marriage is never an easy one. While the decisions don’t just stop there, you may know one thing, that you want mediation, NOT litigation. (By they way, if you still aren’t sure if mediation is for you, check this out.)

But how do you find a divorce mediator? Here are our five top tips to help you make an important decision as you choose your guide through the mediation process.

  • Find out their experience. Not all mediators are created the same. Some people go through a 40 hour training and hang up their shingle. Others, like ourselves, are attorneys, steeped in knowledge with extensive experience . This knowledge can impact the ease of the mediation. The more your mediator knows, the less confusion and the quicker you can get answers to questions.
  • Know their focus. Some mediators are also involved in litigation. When you work with a mediator whose sole focus is on the mediation process, they take a neutral stance which is hard to maintain when you also are doing litigation. Neutrality is the essence of mediation.
  • Go with a free consultation, always. The team at Alternative Divorce Solutions offers a free consultation, because we know how difficult this decision can be. We know from our experience how important it is to trust your mediator. In the free consultation you can truly get a feel for the mediator and understand if they are someone that can help you.
  • Who do they know? Find out in your free consultation who the mediator is connected to that will be an asset to your support network. You may want to inquire about counselors, real estate agents, financial planners or child therapists. A good mediator is there to help you find the missing puzzle pieces to you finalizing your divorce.
  • Trust yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable, the mediation is less likely to be successful. Go with your gut and pick the person you feel is the best fit.

We offer a free consultation to anyone inquiring about mediation for their divorce or dissolution of their domestic partnership. Call us today or contact us and find out more about why we are one of the top mediators in Orange County, CA.