How to Prepare for Mediation

So you and your partner have decided to end your relationship and you are ready to start mediation. You called a mediator and now you are getting ready for your first appointment. Maybe you start to feel a little anxious about the meeting. This is normal. Most of us get apprehensive in new situations. You are making a difficult decision, but if you have chosen mediation, it sounds like you are wanting to do what is in the best interest for you, your partner and your family. However, in case you need help getting ready for the meeting, here are some tips to get you ready.

  • Check your expectations. You may have an idea of how the meeting will go, what will be said or how you might feel. Just be aware of those expectations and if possible share them with your mediator so that they know where you are coming from. For example, if you think you can get the mediation done in 2 sessions, it might be good to talk about this expectation in your first meeting. A good mediator will be honest with you about their experience and their recommendation for the process.
  • Build your support system. Have someone, a friend or family member, that you can call before or after your first session with the mediator. It helps sometimes to talk to other people and know that we are not alone.
  • Keep the big picture. All the details of ending a marriage or domestic partnership can be overwhelming. You can only go at it, one step at a time. The bigger picture here is that with mediation, you are ending the relationship the most amicably. There are so many benefits to choosing mediation over litigation.
  • Be flexible. You might find in the first session, the mediator isn’t a good fit or that mediation isn’t for you. Mediation is not for those that cannot compromise (another blog to come on this one). It is okay if you try and decide to go with the litigation process. This is about doing what is best for you.

After your first meeting, we give our clients a list of items they need to get together. Most mediators have this same process. So, don’t worry about proving all of your assets and debts in the first session. Go into it with an open mind to see if mediation is right for you. Still have questions, contact us here for a free consultation.