What to do with your wedding ring in the midst of your divorce?

You took your ring off when you decided to divorce. It was the last thing to go, symbolizing the end of your relationship. Before you do anything with it, you actually might want to consult an attorney. If you plan on going with the traditional divorce route of litigation to end your marriage, you are giving a judge the final say with respect to any and all property of your marriage … even your wedding ring.

The wedding ring, a simple small circle of metal, is the ultimate symbol of marriage in our culture. During the divorce, this small symbol has the power to drudge up old memories. It is our focus on these things that can draw out the divorce. We are raising the wedding ring issue because it is the perfect example of one of the many details that arise during the divorce process. A person can get stuck on what happens to a particular piece of furniture or memento. In order to divorce peacefully, you must pick your battles. As your self whether that small item of furniture is really all that important. Is it worth your sanity?

In mediation, you get to decide together how things are divided, even down to the ring. You work together to agree upon the terms of your divorce. As mediators, we inform you of what the law says and allow you to determine what is fair to both of you. A judge may be able to make a clear cut legal determination about a piece of property, but only you can fully understand the emotional impact of such a decision.

If you get to keep the ring, you can do whatever you would like with it.You might have the urge to sell it, turn it into a new piece of jewelry, or just put it away for the time being. Some people bury them, literally. If you choose to sell your ring, you could use the proceeds from the sale for a vacation or a celebration for the new chapter in your life. Just remember that before you do anything with all your “stuff” (money, assets, etc.) it is best to seek legal advice and find out what is fair for both of you. Why make an already difficult thing even more stressful?

It isn’t worth the hassle. Call us for a free consultation so we can determine how we can assist you in settling your divorce.