The Cost of Divorce

One of the first questions we receive from people inquiring about getting divorced is “what does it cost?” According to a 2011 Forbes article, the average cost of divorce is anywhere between $15,000 and $30,000. This amount is double what it was 15 years ago. The cost of divorce, however, is more than financial. Let’s consider the other factors…

TIME Traditional litigation takes longer than mediation. Typically when I work with couples, we can complete the mediation in four (4) to six (6) sessions. With litigation there is a delay in waiting for court dates, waiting for papers to be drafted by attorneys and time taken with the back and forth of deciding custody plans. We have seen divorces take several years to complete. People find it hard to move on with their lives when a divorce is pending, which leads us to the next consideration.

EMOTION The emotional impact of divorce can be likened to that of any other trauma. People develop anxiety, depression, fears, and overall exhaustion. The longer the process is drawn out, the more taxing it is on one’s emotional health and well being. With mediation, shortening the duration and changing the overall process to one of trust and cooperation, results in less of an emotional impact than that of litigation.

RELATIONSHIPS This is the factor that drew me into mediation in the first place. While you may be ending your marriage, you can still maintain a relationship of respect. Most importantly, if you have children, they won’t be torn apart by custody battles and court hearings. I am not saying this is easy and everyone will get along, but typically, you will just leave the marriage with better relationships than if you go into litigation. 

Ultimately, the costs of divorce are more than just financial, and our team is here to help you mitigate those costs. Further, our goal is to help you walk away into a healthier, more peaceful life.