Flexibility After Divorce: Post Order Modifications

You are divorced and the paperwork has been finalized. You might think that once the divorce is complete, and there is no turning back. However, there is room for change and flexibility. This is where our team can assist you with post-order modifications.

Perhaps you or your previous spouse wants to modify your child custody arrangement, child support, or spousal support. These changes can be made through mediation, even if you litigated your divorce in the past. We find that couples who have litigated in the past probably could have mediated their divorce had they known about mediation and its many benefits.

Here are some common situations that can prompt a post-order modification:

  • A parent moves out of the area;
  • A parent remarries;
  • One of the parties has had a change in employment; or
  • A substantial change in income that would be a basis for a support modification (up or down).

All of these situations can be positive impacts on an individual’s life. Yet, sometimes people feel they cannot move forward in their life because of the divorce order. They avoid changing anything for fear of the cost or having to deal with attorneys.

However, we know that you can make changes in your life and amicably modify what you had previously agreed upon in your divorce. Mediation is different. If you and your ex-spouse want to make a change, it can be handled through mediation, often in one or two meetings.