Teaching Children About Thankfulness

November is the month we celebrate our families and give thanks for all that we have. Traditions are awakened and we can begin to feel nostalgia as the end of the year beckons. When a family is divided by divorce, all of these things can change and we can begin to lose sight of what we do have and focus more on what we don’t have. Children can especially be overwhelmed in the holiday season by the changes of divorce. That is why it is important to continue to stay positive for your children and help them hold some thankfulness in the midst of stress.

  • Talk to your kids about being thankful. It doesn’t mean that you don’t acknowledge the difficult stuff, but it helps to balance our thinking when we focus a little more on the positives.
  • Tell your kids that you are thankful for them. Children need to know they are loved and appreciated. There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to giving thanks for your kids.
  • Have your kids write down what they are thankful for this year. Keep the list on the fridge or go over it during a meal.
  • Encourage your children to spread their thankfulness by passing it on to others. You can volunteer with your children or help out someone you know personally. Giving back is a great way to show that you are thankful.

Children learn from us. If we complain and become negative, they will do the same. Show them a better way. We are so thankful for each of our families and their support this year as CMD has grown. Thank you to each of you that read this blog and share it with loved ones and friends. We are grateful to help families divorce in a different way, a peaceful way and we will continue to spread that message over the coming years. May you have a warm and wonderful holiday season. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and give thanks!