Transformation in Divorce

Divorce is an opportunity, a chance for a new beginning. And while there is great pain in the process of divorce, how you divorce also impacts your ability to move forward. If you spend much of your time embroiled in the struggle of the divorce, it takes longer to recover from the stress.

When you are going through a divorce, it is helpful to have a vision of your life post divorce. Having a vision can be motivating to your brain to focus on the bigger picture and to not be caught up in the minutia of stressful incidents through the divorce process.

Think of how you want to be after the divorce. Do you want to feel more free? happy? peaceful? Just through imagining you can play with the possibilities. Most people say that divorce has changed them. Our hope is that we help couples change for the better. We are passionate about divorce mediation and how it can truly help you divorce with more ease.