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  • Spousal Support: Legal vs. Emotional
    Spousal Support: Legal vs. Emotional

    In court, the spousal support process starts when the judge awards temporary support (before trial). Typically, this is a straight calculation based on the parties’ respective incomes and is a higher ...

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  • Restoring Your Personal Power
    Restoring Your Personal Power

    Many professionals touch the lives of couples faced with divorce. For example, marriage & family therapists may counsel them, estate planning attorneys may advise them, real estate agents may help ...

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  • Attorney and Mediator
    Attorney and Mediator

    Mediators come in all shapes and sizes. There are attorney mediators and non-attorney mediators, both offering to help couples divorce amicably. However, there are some important differences between ...

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  • The New Year
    The New Year

    As we welcome 2013, we are faced with reflecting on our past and looking to the future. Many make their resolutions for change in their lives and particularly in their relationships. I appreciate the ...

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