The New Year

As we welcome 2013, we are faced with reflecting on our past and looking to the future. Many make their resolutions for change in their lives and particularly in their relationships. I appreciate the new year. It gives us a sense of a fresh start and opens us up to the possibilities that lay ahead.

Mediation is a lot like that as well. Mediation gives couples an opportunity to consider all the possibilities. Mediation allows you to have a tailor made plan. Even in divorce, you get to decide how you divorce and what your family will look like in the future. When deciding to divorce, you can choose to do it on your own, with a non-attorney, a mediator, or an attorney. When settling on an agreement, there are many options particularly with a parenting plan and how you choose to co-parent. After the divorce is final, you then begin to create the “new normal” and establish a new way of being a family.

This year may bring about changes in your family. Some are welcomed and some not, but whatever the case, we hope you see the possibilities. The more you seek your options, the more you can have hope for your future and heal from the past. We wish you a happy new year. If we can ever be of help, please contact us.