What every couple needs

It was a historic moment last month when DOMA was overturned. I was reminded again as to why I love to work with couples, regardless of their sexuality, because when it boils down to it, all couples have the same needs.

Think about it, you are absolutely in love and ready to commit your heart to this person until death do you part. How did you get here? You have deepened your relationship with trust, honesty, respect and communication. But even the most committed relationships avoid communicating about certain topics, and one of the most commonly avoided topics is money.

Why avoid talking about money when it is one of the leading factors in a divorce? Part of preparing for a life long commitment is to communicate about your values and beliefs about money. Pre-marital agreements are ideal for this. In this agreement you can set forth your plans for how you will handle your assets. In these decisions you can reduce tax liability and protect your business or other important assets. When you plan ahead and set expectations, you reduce the likelihood of conflict.

All couples are welcome to sign up for a free consultation on how these agreements can help them.