Spring Break Up

Spring is a time of welcomed change. The world awakens from the sleep of winter and is filled with new life. So if your relationship is ending in divorce, now is the time to revive hope. What kinds of things do you want to be enlivened this Spring? Here are some tips to help you burst into the new season

  • Try something new – challenge yourself and try an activity you never have done before. Whether it is a type of exercise, art class, or music lessons, being creative and stretching yourself can bring energy back into your life which is something that can get drained in the midst of a break up.
  • Get outside – We are fortunate enough to be in sunny So Cal so our winters aren’t spent indoors always. Spring is so beautiful here with the flowers and trees in bloom. Surrounding yourself with the beauty of where we live can be a sure way to improve your mood and help cope with the stress of your divorce.
  • Spend time with friends – When people are struggling in their marriages or are in the middle of a divorce, they can tend to retreat and isolate. Spring is a great time to rekindle your friendships and surround yourself with people that love you and accept you for who you are.

Good things can come out of heartache. We hope that this helps you start the journey to healing this spring. Call us if you need support to get through your divorce.