Mediation Can Help Settle Divorce Issues Without Anger

Making the decision to end your marriage is never easy, but the how you handle the divorce can make a big difference in the stress and emotion involved. Many people don’t realize that there are choices available beyond the traditional hiring of attorneys and going off to court for a judge to determine such things as custody, child support and property division. While this may be the best option in some cases, various forms of mediation are often a better way for couples going through a divorce to handle the contentious issues between them.

What is Mediation?

Unlike a court hearing, where both sides do their best to only present their case favorably, mediation allows both parties an opportunity to discuss the issues that need to be settled with a neutral third party. The mediator will do his or her best to keep both sides from getting emotional and work toward amicably arranging agreements. This method encourages both spouses to work together to craft a settlement, rather than fighting against one another, not to mention the fact that is almost always far less expensive.

Types of Mediation

There are two types of mediation couples who are settling a divorce can use. They are:

Collaborative divorce and Team mediation.

Under the collaborative divorce model, each side hires an attorney and assembles a team of experts to support their arguments, with the assistance of a mediator and other divorce experts. While this process maintains many of the of the elements of a the legal process, it is less contentious. Both sides are committed to an open discussion and to out of court settlement.

Team mediation is designed to reduce emotions and tensions even further. Under this arrangement, the mediator works with the couple to assemble a team of experts to help the couple sort out their finances, custody and parenting arrangements and property division. Everyone, including the mediator, works to support both sides equally. This encourages the spouses to amicably settle the issues between them, keeping emotions to a minimum and allowing everyone involved to move forward without bitterness and rancor.

Divorce is never easy, but there are ways to lessen the stress and settle the issues without anger and feuding. Team mediation gives both parties the opportunity to discuss their concerns in a supportive environment and work toward a solution that everyone can agree on. It is less costly than other settlement methods, and it gives both spouses the opportunity to move on with their lives in a positive manner. We can help you move on with your life. Call us for a free consult today.