Mobile Mort Manilas - Embracing Technology in Estate Planning

In today’s world, print and brick and mortar may as well be vintage, because everything you need is right at your finger tips thanks to the internet and cloud based technology. Whether it’s your address book, calendar, or banking app we have learned to store everything in the same place and make it accessible from any computer or mobile device. So, what does this mean for our futures? According to a recent New York Times article, entitled Navigating the Logistics of Death Ahead of Time, new companies are emerging that bring this concept of online storing to plan for your death in advance.

Everplan, a new site, “approaches life’s last big event in the same way you might plan a wedding or other major occasion: It walks users through what an end-of-life estate plan should include, provides a place to store everything and goes as far as offering reviews on funeral homes and nearby restaurants. It will also handle the “invitation.” Other sites help you plan what you want to do with your Facebook page or other social media accounts, let you leave instructions for your pets, upload photos, or even help you send emails from the grave!

While this may seem like its going a little too far, it brings up an important point; we have an ability to not only plan, but also conveniently store our last wishes and desires for our loved ones. This not only puts you in control of your future, but also helps your family and friends navigate through the process during times of devastating loss.

Providers, such as these, can also store medical documents, guardianship forms or other In Case of Emergency documents and instructions. With the help of technology we can ensure that all your decision making can be accessed in real time when you need it.

Just like you would leave a babysitter with your children on a date night with general instructions on when dinner, bed or bath time is, a pet sitter with your cat, or dog with info on feeding times, walks or medications, or even a house sitter while your away to water your plants, protect your family home, or set the alarm, you should naturally also leave your life and your loved ones with instructions in the case of your incapacity or death, and what better place to store it then online.

At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we create innovative Estate Plans that utilize technology in a way that makes your Estate Plan effective when it matters most. We are different than other law firms because we embrace the changes that are constantly occurring due to the presence of technology in our lives. We appreciate that technology can make our lives easier, and in this case, can make your Estate Plan work more efficiently.