Graduation and Important Events Should be Top of Mind During Divorce Mediation

The year 2014 has been flying by. It really feels like it has been the fastest year of my life! With that, graduation season really crept up this year. We had so many clients that had children graduating from high school and college all at once. Naturally, they were nervous about how things would go now that they are separated or even divorced. This, in my opinion, is one of the top reasons to choose divorce mediation over a traditional, litigated divorce. In mediation, you are respectful to one another in your discussions and negotiations surrounding child custody, financial matters, and other important topics pertaining to your divorce. In addition, because your divorce mediator creates a safe environment in which you can discuss these matters, you will have the opportunity to talk about how to handle important life events.

Think back on your own high school, college, or graduate school graduation ceremony. These are monumental moments that you earn and work so hard for. This is how your children will feel about these moments too. They deserve to have both of their parents in attendance, and to feel the love and support that provides. If you and your spouse have handled your divorce in a respectful and civil manner, chances are these events will not be a problem. Through mediation, you will have learned to communicate effectively. You can be present at these events for your children without any unnecessarily conflict that may have otherwise come along with being in the same room.

Also, keep in mind that it doesn’t end at graduation. One day, there may be weddings to attend, the births of grand children, and even baptisms or bar mitzvahs to attend. The choices you make now regarding how you treat each other and plan for the future have a ripple effect. You have raised your children together up to this point, and you both deserve to share those special moments with your family. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we appreciate the importance of preserving family ties and know that it doesn’t take two bad people to make a bad marriage.