Orange County Divorce Mediation Firm

Orange County Divorce Mediation Firm Discusses Benefits of Divorce Mediation for Families with Children:

Divorce is difficult enough already. When you add children into the mix, it can be even more complicated. This is where divorce mediation can really add value to your life. When you opt to go to court in a divorce with children, you are taking a gamble. Usually, both spouses want to maximize their time with the children, and when there is a lot of conflict it usually carries over to the court room. Parents find themselves making accusations about the other parent’s character and parenting skills. Overall, it can destroy the couple’s ability to co-parent in the future. At the end of the day, it is up to the judge to decide who will parent the children when, and where the children will spend their time. This takes away all control from the parents, who may already be feeling pretty helpless due to the divorce.

In divorce mediation, however, parents are able to make their own choices. Think of it this way – you are the only person who is familiar with the intimate details of your life. You know your work and travel schedule, your children’s school schedules, and their extra curricular activities. You are familiar with your own special holiday and family traditions. In the short time you would have in court, there is no way for a judge to familiarize him/herself with your unique family life.

Even though we recognize that it can be difficult to make decisions about parenting when you are angry and hurt, it certainly beats having a person who doesn’t know you make those choices for you. In divorce mediation, you will work alongside a trained attorney-mediator who will help you build an effective parenting plan. This plan will include a weekly schedule with pick up and drop off times/locations, and a comprehensive holiday plan that can capture all of your family traditions. Your divorce mediator can work with you to ensure that all of the important details of your lives are written into your plan.

Mediation also creates a better environment for children, as it takes away some of the conflict and uncertainty that is usually associated with divorce. You can assure your children that you and your spouse are working together and that you will always be there for your children as their parents. You can’t put a price tag on that.

At Alternative Divorce Solutions (an Orange County Divorce Mediation Firm), we are a child focused firm. We care about the needs of you and your children