Divorce Mediation Creates a Customized Outcome

Divorce mediation is a much different way to resolve your divorce than going to court. When you go to court to get your divorce, you and your spouse will each hire separate attorneys who will meet and get to know them. Then, the attorneys will appear in court to ask the judge for different things that vary from property division to child and spousal support. Divorce mediation, on the other hand, is a process where both spouses sit down with a neutral divorce mediator to settle the same issues a judge would decide without going to court at all. This means less fees, less time, and less hassle. These are all common benefits of divorce mediation. Something people rarely think of as an added bonus is the ability to customize the agreement.

When you go to court, a judge has limited time to hear limited issues. For example, even though you may be caring for a child that is over 18, or might desire to plan for how a child’s college education will be paid for, a judge will not hear these issues because they don’t relate to a minor child. In addition, you may want to consider more non-traditional methods of dividing your assets and debts in a way that is better suited for your family. Through divorce mediation, you and your spouse can raise these issues, discuss them in a productive and respectful manner, and have them added to your Agreement. The benefit? You will feel more secure at the end of the process knowing that you can continue to provide care for your children that are over 18, or that you ended up with an agreement that really works for you and your family.

Choosing to settle your divorce out of court is an empowering choice. It puts major decisions that relate to your financial well being and your family’s overall well being back in your hands.