Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie File for Divorce in California

After 12 years together, Hollywood power-couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to put an end to their high-profile divorce. This revelation has set the gossip tabloids ablaze with interest, and their highly-publicized proceedings will likely give us a detailed insight to the workings of a California divorce.

Child Custody

According to the online tabloid, Pitt and Jolie agreed to award Jolie temporary full custody of the couple’s six children, pending a ruling from a family law judge. Attorney Kelly Chang Rickert believes that the two will be given joint custody in the terms of the divorce. She states “In California, the courts have a duty to ensure frequent and continuing contact with both parents.”

This is also supported by the fact that California does not allow the court to gravitate towards favoring the mother, but rather to consider both spouses on an initial equal footing. Because both parents will likely have the means and ability to provide for all six children, it is highly unlikely a judge awards anything other than an equal share.

That being said, things may not be as clear as they seem. Pitt has recently been dealing with a fair amount of bad press after an alleged incident on a private plane between the actor and his son Maddox. It’s believed that the case will likely be dropped due to lack of evidence, but there is a chance it might come back to play a role in the case. If the judgement favors Jolie at all, then Pitt may be forced to pay child support in some form.

Asset Division

The two will also have to undergo the asset division process for their considerable wealth. Forbes magazine estimates that the two have brought in a combined $555 million since getting together after filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2004. They officially tied the knot just two years ago in 2014.

Forbes stated that it is highly likely that the two signed a prenuptial agreement due to their substantial wealth and assets as well as a history of past marriages. However, that agreement may not cover things they have since acquired, including homes in New Orleans and Correns, France, which Forbes notes that Jolie’s filing states is not being listed as marital property.

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