Tips for Self-Care During Divorce and Why It's So Important

We are all guilty of letting self-care go by the way side when life gets busy and out-of-hand. Between demanding work schedules, to cooking family meals, and dropping the kids off at school, who has time to go to yoga or get a massage? Life is more demanding now than ever, and the financial pressure associated with living in Orange County, CA doesn’t help. Many of the households require two incomes, and that means that there are often two working parents with a host of other tasks to take care of to keep the family afloat.

Divorce only adds more stress and more demands, as you may have already separated households thereby taking on a whole new set of responsibilities. However, you must remember that divorce is considered a crisis, and to be able to give to others you must fill your own cup. This challenging time in your life makes self-care more important than ever, so you can start the healing process and be there for those who need you. With these things in mind, we have pulled together some easy self-care tips for you to follow during your divorce.

  1. Schedule some “you time”

Carving out some time for yourself doesn’t mean that you need to block off an entire day. It may be that you plan to take a warm bath before you go to bed, or take a thirty-minute walk on the beach. Whatever the activity may be, it is important to schedule it for yourself so you can unwind.

  1. Choose your favorite exercise and commit to it

You don’t have to start hitting the gym like a maniac, but if you enjoy yoga or even brisk walks now is the time to get committed to that activity. There’s tons of research that speaks to the health benefits of exercise, and divorce is a time when you need those extra endorphins to boost your mood and energy. Exercise also gives you an opportunity to shut off your electronic devices and focus on your health and happiness. You deserve it!

  1. Read your favorite genre

Reading is a wonderful tool to help you focus on the present moment. Whether your favorite genre is fiction, self-help, or thrillers, picking up a great book can help you wind down after a stressful day, and keep you entertained.

  1. Meditate, Meditate, Meditate!

There are so many articles all over the place about the benefits of mediation. Among those are that meditation lessens worry and anxiety, enhances self-esteem, increases optimism, and improves mood. Who doesn’t need benefits like this during a time as stressful as divorce? Even better – you don’t have to be an expert to meditate. All it takes is a peaceful place to sit, and you!

  1. Reconnect with friends and family

Is there anyone in your life that you want to connect with more? Now is a great time to pick up the phone and catch up with a best friend or sibling. It is wonderful to have the support from someone who loves you, and begin to strengthen the connection in important relationships.

Remember that every life circumstance, whether good or bad, is temporary. This time will pass whether you put the time and energy into self-care and healing or not. Although this is a hard time, it is a great time to invest in yourself. It will not only benefit you, but will also help you be the best version of yourself for your children, friends and family.