How Long Does Divorce Take?

When you file for a divorce, chances are you are eager to move forward with your life and put this emotional experience behind you. As such, you might be wondering how long your divorce will take. The fact is that no two divorce cases are alike and there is no set time for how long this process is supposed to take. However, in California, those who file for a divorce cannot expect their marriage to officially end earlier than six months from the date the petition is served, according to state law. That said, it is possible your divorce can take longer, depending on the issues you are facing and on how willing both you and your spouse are to negotiating the terms of your settlement.

Will My Divorce Take Longer?

Although California law dictates that you must wait six months before your divorce is finalized, this does not mean it cannot take longer. Many legal issues can extend this period of time, especially if you or your spouse are unable to cooperate. Central issues like child custody, child support and spousal support, and the division of marital property can all stall a divorce’s progress if the situation becomes too contentious and neither party is willing to budge.

If you want to minimize the length of time your divorce takes, it is crucial to be open-minded and to work together in order to resolve these issues, or the process can end up taking years to complete. Consider alternative methods of divorce, such as mediation or collaborative divorce. The nature of divorce litigation is often hostile and lends itself to a more time-consuming process, whereas other approaches encourage cooperation.

Orange County Divorce Mediation Attorney

If you and your spouse have decided to bring your marriage to an end, you will need a team of attorney-mediators in California who can help you navigate this emotional and uncertain time. We are dedicated to helping spouses make conscious decisions to move forward in a cooperative matter, so you can remain in control of your family’s future and happiness. There is no need to subject yourself to the discretion of a judge when there are other, more effective methods to obtain a divorce in a timely manner that lessens feelings of friction and resentment.

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