Disputing Paternity

Divorce and Paternity Questions

There are some situations in a marriage that have unthinkable and devastating results. If you are facing a divorce or are going through a rough patch in your marriage and are wondering if you are truly the father of your child, it is important to seek clarity for the future. Your rights as a father, and your obligations, depend on it. Regularly, paternity is assumed in a marriage and a man is obligated to support his child even after divorce. Let our Orange County paternity attorneys at Alternative Divorce Solutions help you find the truth through a paternity test and move forward based on the outcome.  We understand how important paternity is in marriage and divorce.  Don’t be in the dark when it comes to your children.

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When Paternity Is in Question

Paternity disputes are often complicated, and each situation requires a specific process and paperwork.  The cases where paternity can be disputed include:

  • Cases where both parents signed a voluntary declaration of paternity: In this case, you must complete a Declaration of Paternity Dissolution.  This form has specific requirements as well as limitations, so it is best to speak with one of our paternity attorneys for assistance.
  • Cases where parentage is assumed because the parents were married: It is rare that a father can successfully dispute his paternity if a “conclusive presumption” is in place due to the parents being married at time of birth.  Sometimes, even with evidence that disproves it, it cannot be disputed.  If you suspect that you are not the father of your child, it is imperative that you discuss all the details of your situation with legal counsel from our team.
  • Cases where paternity was never determined: This is often at the very beginning of a parentage case, either when you and the mother were never married or if the child was born prior to marriage.

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If you are facing a divorce or are experiencing turbulence in your marriage and you are thinking that your paternity might be in question, it pays to seek verification.  Our team of Orange County paternity attorneys can help you obtain a court ordered paternity test.  You should not be financially and legally obligated to care for a child that is not yours, especially if your ex-spouse was in an extra-marital affair and became pregnant.  You deserve to know the truth.  Let our team work with you to take the steps necessary to move forward with a clear mind when it comes to the children in your life.

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