Common Mediation Myths

In legal situations in which you prefer to save time, money, and effort, many people turn to mediation as a solution. Despite how overwhelmingly positive mediation is for countless people in the midst of a legal concern, there are many misconceptions regarding its success or purpose. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we seek to dispel these myths as we are true believers in the power of mediation and the impact it can have on you and your family’s life.

The following are common mediation myths, debunked:

  • Mediation is a hassle, and it is easier to hire a lawyer – The reason why this is untrue is because mediation is streamlined in nature. It allows parties to take control of the narrative and create a solution everyone is pleased with. The courts are expensive, time-consuming, and everything but easy to deal with.
  • Mediation is unfair to the weaker or more amiable party – This isn’t the case, as the role of a good mediator is to make sure one party doesn’t dominate or influence the other. Both people, regardless of the nature of their relationship or their respective personalities, will have their voice heard. If you are intimidated by the person you are seeking mediation with, you will have someone facilitating the decision-making process.
  • The mediator makes the final decision – While in traditional court proceedings a judge will make the final decision, a mediator does not yield the same power. A mediator helps negotiation be moved along, but he or she cannot impose an all-encompassing decision.

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