How Mediation Makes Post-Divorce Parenting Easier

Divorce Mediation vs. Divorce Litigation

If you and your spouse have children, you will likely have to interact with each other on a regular basis following your divorce. Many couples find that the possibility of a civil relationship with their soon-to-be ex-spouse is all but destroyed after going through divorce litigation. This is in large part due to the fact that divorce litigation pits two people against one another in an adversarial relationship, which sets them up to see one another as enemies.

On the other hand, divorce mediation allows a couple to work together to decide the terms of their parenting agreement, custody, child support and other related matters for themselves. It also fosters collaboration and cooperation between divorcing parents, which can lend itself to more peaceful interactions during child pick-ups and future communication regarding children. Opting for mediation rather than divorce litigation also allows divorcing parents to decide how they would like to continue co-parenting in the future without animosity, stress, or an expensive power struggle.

Mediation Eases the Divorce Process for Children

There’s no getting around the deep emotional wounds that divorce creates, especially for children who are caught in the crosshairs. However, mediation can ease the transition for families and reduce tension between parents, which can create a much more stability and an emotionally healthy environment for children both during and after divorce. Mediation also allows parents to complete their divorce much more quickly and at a much more affordable rate, which can eliminate stress and shield children from the trauma of divorce proceedings, child custody hearings, etc.

Compassionate Divorce Mediation Services in Orange County

At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we are prepared to help you pave the pathway to a smoother, more amicable divorce. We are seasoned Orange County divorce mediators with experience handling matters of parenting time, child custody, child support, and more. When you come to us for help, we may be able to help you complete your divorce peacefully within 60 days and for $10,000 or less.

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