Ahead of the Game: A Techy Mediation Practice

Those who know me, know that the term “Tech-Savvy” and I do not go hand-in-hand. Despite my youth, learning the evolving world of technology can be challenging, to say the least. Witnessing myself text is like pulling teeth. It is a struggle and a constant source of laughter.

The puzzling part is that I run a tech-forward mediation firm! The saying is true: where there is a will there is a way! ADS is one of the leading divorce mediation firms in Southern California. Part of our unique nature is that we are a tech-based firm. We have incorporated technology into every aspect of our practice: case management, lead management, task management, and communication. Embracing technology and having solid procedures in place have increased our firm’s efficiency; translating into enhanced customer care. As an established cloud-based firm, we can attend to our clients’ matters, regardless of location.

Virtual conferencing is a foreign concept to many mediation practices and many are challenged with incorporating this platform into their practice. Not ADS. Virtual conferencing has been an integral part of our practice for well over 5 years! Virtual options give ADS the ability to provide our clients with the same level of service and care as a face-to-face experience.

With technology at our core, location is a non-issue. So, when ADS had to transition to a full-time virtual office, we were ready. Our staff is pre-trained, technology incorporated and we are laptop based. All we had to do was grab our laptops and go. Location, social distancing, and any other obstacles are non-issues.

What about the clients? Isn’t all this technology too complicated for them? For ADS, any technology used at the firm, must be user friendly. After all, I am the non-techy techy. The programs are simple to use. We provide links to our online-fillable forms, and clear and concise instructions are handed to our clients. Our foresight gives our clients a sense of control and security because regardless of the circumstance, their matter does not need to be held at a standstill.