Can I Modify Child Custody?

Life does not remain the same. The child custody order that was initially issued when you dissolved your marriage may not always be suitable for your current circumstances. Although it is possible to petition the court for a modification of your child custody arrangement, a judge will not take this request lightly. Family courts favor stability and consistency for children and are reluctant to modify child custody orders unless the petitioning parent can prove that it will serve their best interests.

That said, before you go to court, you should discuss the modifications you are seeking with your former spouse. If you can agree on a new arrangement, you can resolve this matter more quickly. However, you will need the court to approve of the modifications.

Altering Your Child Custody Agreement

If you and your former spouse cannot agree to the modifications, you can go to court and request the changes you are seeking. To be successful, you must prove that you recently experienced substantial changes in your life and that the changes will support the best interests of your children. No matter how significant the changes in your life may be, if a modified custody agreement does not serve the children’s best interests, a judge will not grant the request.

Here are some examples of situations in which a judge may grant a request to modify a child custody order:

  • You believe your children are in immediate danger in the other parent’s home
  • You plan on relocating, which would render the current custody order impractical or impossible to comply with
  • Your former spouse continuously ignores the agreed-upon parenting plan

Whatever your reasons are for requesting a modification of your child custody order, it is crucial to hire an experienced attorney to guide you through the process and ensure you receive the best possible results.

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