How to Tell Your Spouse That You Want a Prenup

Establishing a Plan for After Your Happily Ever After

Discussing a prenuptial agreement with your spouse is difficult to do without giving the impression that you are bracing yourself for the end of your marriage before it even starts. Still, despite its unsavory reputation, premarital agreements are important, and the sooner you bring up your desire to draft one, the better.

Plan Early

It’s tempting to put off a conversation as uncomfortable as you fear this may be. However, in order to have the time you need to draft a comprehensive document that protects both you and your soon-to-be-spouse, you must give yourself ample time.

Understand That All Marriages End

Facing our mortality is as difficult as discussing a prenup, but it’s a valid point to make as you approach your wedding day. Your marriage will either end in death or in divorce. In either scenario, it’s important to lay the groundwork for how you want your assets divided and wealth redistributed.

Collaborate on the Agreement

Rather than presenting your partner with a completed document to sign, ask your spouse to help you create a prenuptial agreement. This way, you can both make your needs and desires heard. Working on it together will reinforce the notion that it exists to protect both of you.

Be Honest

Candor is crucial in prenup planning. Be direct when you explain what you want and why you want it. This honesty will benefit you and your spouse beyond allowing you to include the protections you want in the document. It can help you establish your expectations for the course of your marriage.


The agreement is meant to protect both of you. Be willing to listen to your spouse’s apprehensions and worries. Looking at the situation from their perspective can make the process more productive.

Own Your Decision

While your friends’ or family members’ failed marriages may have influenced your decision to consider a prenup, you must accept your decision to draft one as yours alone. Explain why you want to protect yourself and your spouse without blaming it on outside influences irrelevant to your relationship.

When you and your spouse are ready to craft your premarital agreement, contact Alternative Divorce Solutions. We will help you both protect your individual interests so that you can focus on your upcoming wedding, knowing that your happily ever after is secured.