A man and his child playing in their house. They are both wearing reindeer antler hats on their head, signaling it is the holiday season

Helping Your Child Through the Holidays Post-Divorce

Keeping the Brightness of the Season

The holiday season can be a time of struggle for children who are attempting to move on from their parents’ divorce. The emphasis on family gatherings coupled with the changes in their own family can make this time of year particularly difficult for them. What can parents do to help their children stay merry during this wonderful time of the year?

Give Your Child a Voice

First, it’s important for your child to feel as if they have a voice, that their opinions are heard and that their feelings matter. They may struggle at first to speak up about their emotions and thoughts, so it’s important for parents to check in with them and ask questions that go beyond a simple “yes” or “no” answer.

As your child explains their feelings, your job as their parent is to not just listen to their words but to validate how they are feeling and let them know that what they are thinking is both normal and okay. Your role as a parent is to ensure that they know they can express their frustrations and emotions to you without any fear of judgment or consequence. Giving them the ability to not just find their voice but also to express it can truly make a significant difference in their ability to cope with your divorce.

Know It’s Okay to Not Have the Answer

Your child may ask rather difficult questions of you when they are finding their voice and trying to process their feelings. Understand that your role as a parent is not to put pressure on yourself to find ways to solve all of their problems. Putting that pressure on yourself can only lead to frustration, and that frustration, if boiled over, can impact how your children view the holiday season, your divorce, and your relationship with them.

Try New Things

The holiday season can bring family traditions both new and old each year, and if your family situation has changed, the ability to engage in those traditions may have changed, as well. Thankfully, there are so many different things to try in the holiday season that you have the unique ability to create a new way to celebrate the season with your child. Whether you try baking, outdoor activities, decorating, and more, don’t be afraid to experience new things and create both new traditions and lasting memories.

When Parenting Becomes Difficult

Remember that it’s okay to reach out and ask for help when you need it. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, our co-parenting coach and therapist is equipped to both listen to what is going on in your life and come up with creative ways to improve those situations. We care about you and your children, and we are committed to helping you have a jolly season, even in the aftermath of a difficult divorce.

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