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Mediating Modifications to Child Custody Orders

Working Through Post-Divorce Issues

While many issues can be worked through with mediation prior to a divorce being finalized, some issues can arise afterward. These post-divorce issues can often revolve around child custody or child support and the need to change one of those orders. Fortunately, mediation works for post-divorce issues, too.

Child Custody Modification

Child custody orders often do not last forever; a child’s needs will change over time, especially as they age, thereby rendering their initial orders out of date. When this happens, modifications may need to be made for the child custody order to continue to meet the child’s best interests.

Modifications may also take place when one or both parents of a child experiences a significant material change in circumstances and seeks a change. This could be due to a desire to relocate to another city or state or the loss of income.

Where Mediation Comes In

Working through these issues after a divorce can be difficult, especially if the relationship between you and your ex-spouse soured over the course of your divorce. Mediation allows you and your former spouse to come together and discuss the reasons behind your desire to change your child custody order as well as to work together on how to meet both of your needs along with the needs of your child.

Even in post-divorce issues, the mediation process will look similar; your mediator will facilitate collaborative discussions between you and your spouse to help you come to an agreement on how to move forward with a modified child custody order. Once agreed upon and signed, your new child custody order will become official.

Try a More Peaceful Alternative

While child custody issues can be sensitive to work through and be filled with emotion, mediation allows for former spouses to reach agreements that are mutually beneficial. Instead of fighting over how to work through your issue and setting a bad example for your children, come together and collaborate on an agreement that meets your needs and the needs of your child. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we can help you achieve this more peaceful option through mediation; with the help of our mediators, we can work together and reach a mutually beneficial modified child custody agreement.

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