A father preparing to tell his child something. The father's arms are raised just slightly as he sits and talks. The young boy is staring intently at his dad

How a Peaceful Divorce Can Be an Example for Children

The Value of Working Together

The decision to get a divorce can weigh heavy on all involved, but children seem to take this decision harder than most. In addition, how you and your spouse choose to engage with one another during this process is observed by your children; they may learn behaviors simply by watching. Choosing a peaceful method of resolving your divorce can provide great benefit to your children both now and in the future - here are some ways how.

Why Collaboration is Important

A peaceful divorce is partly centered around working together with your spouse to resolve important issues and finalize your divorce. By choosing collaboration, communicating your beliefs and values to your spouse, and coming up with creative solutions together, you not only create a divorce agreement that benefits both of you, but you also create a unique learning opportunity for your children.

By watching you and your spouse work together to navigate the divorce process, your children learn valuable communication skills and the importance of collaboration. Learning this trait early on in their lives, even in the midst of a difficult process such as divorce, can go with them as they age and face their own situations that require working together with others.

Creative Problem-Solving

Resolving divorce issues can certainly be a challenge, but you and your spouse have the opportunity to come up with creative solutions to the issues that you face, even solutions that might not seem conventional to some. Your children may see you and your spouse work together and come up with unique ideas and may begin trying to come up with their own plans for issues they face. Learning to solve problems through unconventional means or with unique ideas can provide great benefit to your children as they get older and face more complex situations.

The Necessity for Kindness

While emotions may certainly be a roadblock in any divorce, choosing a peaceful method of resolving your divorce requires the ability to treat your spouse with kindness. Even in the middle of a tense situation, kind words can go a long way in helping you and your spouse collaborate. Words said to one another are perhaps the behavior that children can observe most easily, as they may hear what you are saying and learn from that; choosing to focus on kind and encouraging words can teach your children the need to treat one another with gentleness even in challenging times.

Ready to Get Started?

Divorce is difficult, but a peaceful resolution can make it smoother. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we know that mediation works. Mediation can help couples not only create settlements that work for both parties, but mediation’s emphasis on peace and guided conversation can save those involved time, money, and emotional distress.

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