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The Mediation Process at Alternative Divorce Solutions

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At our firm, it is our goal to provide unique solutions for your separation. We want to save you time and money and help ensure that the process moves as smooth as possible without the additional stress that is inherent in traditional divorce.

Your Initial Consultation

At your free, one-hour consultation appointment, one of our ADS mediators will walk you through the mediation process in detail. In addition, we will answer any questions you may have about divorce and mediation.

At the end of the appointment, you will be quoted a one-time flat rate for the entire mediation process and you will be given the opportunity to sign up for our services.

Orange County Divorce Mediation

Before Your First Session

You and your spouse will prepare a set of financial disclosures, which will be explained to you at the initial consultation appointment. If you have any questions, you can contact our team and we will be happy to assist you with completing these documents. Our team will be hard at work preparing the initial court filings, which will be presented to you for your signatures.

Once your initial court documents have been filed with the court, our team prepares them for personal service in our office. At your first mediation appointment, you will be presented with these filed documents. This will start California’s “6 month , 1 day” waiting period.

What to Expect During the Mediation Process

Mediation is a process where you and your spouse sit down with a highly trained and fully licensed professional mediator. Your mediator will be considered a neutral party who can guide the mediation process and can typically let the process unfold organically based on your situation. As your mediator, we can be trusted to be a fully neutral party but still provide relevant information, structure, and options as your mediation process develops.

Sometimes it helps to involve a third party that has no interest in the matter to help distinguish what is important, to communicate during moments of conflict, and to remind both parties of what needs to be done. At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we pride ourselves on doing all of this all while creating a safe space where our clients can feel comfortable creating open, honest, and truthful dialogue amongst one another. Communication is one of the most essential factors to reaching a successful divorce.

  • You get to be in control of your divorce.
  • Tailored solutions based on your needs.
  • Focus on your emotional well-being. Eliminates combative power
  • Eliminates combative power struggles.
  • Less stressful for every family member.
  • Neutral help from a qualified mediator.
  • Completely private and confidential.
  • Can protect the interests of young children.
  • Saves time by preventing long litigation.
  • Less money spent on court filing fees.

About the Full Mediation Process

Mediation Session 1

Your mediator will collect the financial disclosure documents to make sure everything is in order. Remember, since you are in mediation, these forms will remain confidential. The mediator will then begin walking you through the mediation appointment by starting a productive and respectful discussion about your divorce settlement.

Remaining Mediation Sessions

Depending on how complicated your case is, you may attend up to six mediation appointments. If your case is simple, it can be resolved in as little as one mediation appointment. The number of mediations required will be assessed during your initial consultation.

During these meetings, your ADS mediator will help you resolve issues, including:

Your mediator will guide you through these discussions in a respectful and efficient manner and will make sure you are well informed before you make these important decisions.


At Alternative Divorce Solutions, we pride ourselves in efficiency. After your final mediation appointment, we present you with a draft of your Stipulated Judgment (Agreement) via e-mail within 7-10 business days. Then, you and your spouse can take your time to review the Agreement to make sure you feel comfortable and happy with what you have agreed to.

As long as you and your spouse agree, your mediator can edit the Agreement so it reflects both of your intentions.

Final Document Signing & Notarization

After you and your spouse are comfortable with the draft, our team will prepare the final documents that will accompany your Agreement for filing with the court. Then, you can come to our office for your notary appointment. Our Notary Public will walk you through all of the necessary signatures in the privacy of our office.

Receive Final Divorce Documents in the Mail

After we have filed all of your legal documents with the court, we will place them in the mail to you in a neat and organized packet. We will also provide you with a final letter that thanks you for choosing mediation. You can keep this packet for proof of your divorce.

We Will Always be Your Team!

After your mediation process is complete, you can always contact our team for support. We have an expansive network of professionals such as financial experts, accountants, counselors, and estate planning attorneys who can help you along your journey.

Contact our Orange County divorce mediation team at (949) 558-2624 today.

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  1. In-Person or Virtual Services Available
  2. Initial, Confidential Consultation
  3. Personalized Mediation Sessions
  4. Drafting Petition Documents
  5. Final Document Signing & Notarization
  6. Receive Final Divorce Documents

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The Benefits of Mediation

Top 3 Reason to Choose Mediation Over Litigation
  • Sensible

    We help you resolve all of the issues a judge would decide, such as asset and debt division, property division, or child custody and support in a peaceful and respectful way.

  • Responsible

    We focus on non-intrusive solutions and minimize court involvement. This keeps the entire divorce process more confidential and less stressful for everyone involved.

  • Affordable

    During an emotional time in your life, you shouldn’t have to worry about your pocketbook. Our one-time flat fee includes all costs associated with the mediation process.

Client Testimonials

  • Thank you for all your knowledge, conscientiousness, and kindness.

    “It does not happen often, but there are those few times over the years that I have had the honor to work with a professional who I knew as soon as they began speaking—this is an outstanding ...”

    - Beverly
  • My Husband and I Came Through this Process Whole and At Peace

    “Our family is so fortunate to have the team at Alternative Divorce Solutions by our side navigating us through this process. Lani Baron is outstanding; every interaction I had with she and her staff exceeded my expectations.”

    - Kelley B.
  • Lani's Knowledge of the Law was Instrumental in Prevailing in a Situation that Appeared to be a Lost Cause from the Onset.

    “I really appreciate Lani’s help and recommend her and her firm to anyone; she’s top notch and will get you resolves.”

    - Esther R.
  • It Is Possible to Remove Stress from a Divorce

    “First and foremost, I found that I had a lot to learn about the divorce mediation process. I did not exactly know what the role of the mediator was or if we would still have to go to Court.”

    - Donald B.
  • I don’t know if I would have made it through my divorce without Lani and the team at Alternative Divorce Solutions.

    “I was so stressed out before I went to ADS. Once I got there Lani sat with me and my husband and explained the whole mediation process. After I left I knew exactly what to expect and ADS lived up to my expectations.”

    - Giz S.