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Establishing Paternity in Orange County

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California is home to many nontraditional families. When a child is born to a married couple or a couple who have demonstrated a commitment and live together, it is assumed that your spouse or partner is the father. However, when a couple isn’t married or living together, there are additional steps spouses must take to establish paternity through the family law courts.

The benefits of establishing paternity are important and include:

  • Ensuring that your child has financial support
  • Benefitting from health insurance or public assistance
  • Establishing the child as an heir to a father’s estate
  • Allowing the biological father to be involved in your child’s life
  • Allowing the biological father to assert his rights to raise the child

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How Is Paternity Established in California?

A father can sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity (VDP) after a child is born that acknowledges the baby’s legal parents and thus establishes a father’s rights and responsibilities.

If this form is not signed, a paternity action may be necessary. This happens when a mother, a public child support agency, an adoption agency, or the man who believes he is the father asks the court to help establish the biological father. The court will then ask the mother and alleged father to submit to genetic testing. If the father refuses, this may be used as evidence of paternity.

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Establishing paternity can help you seek the child support, physical and legal custody, and visitation of your child. In addition, the court can establish who pays court fees, the costs of genetic tests, and any attorney costs, making paternity a sensible and often affordable method of helping protect your child’s future.

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The Benefits of Mediation

Top 3 Reason to Choose Mediation Over Litigation
  • Sensible

    We help you resolve all of the issues a judge would decide, such as asset and debt division, property division, or child custody and support in a peaceful and respectful way.

  • Responsible

    We focus on non-intrusive solutions and minimize court involvement. This keeps the entire divorce process more confidential and less stressful for everyone involved.

  • Affordable

    During an emotional time in your life, you shouldn’t have to worry about your pocketbook. Our one-time flat fee includes all costs associated with the mediation process.

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