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Intellectual Property Division in California

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Intellectual property can be one of the most contested possessions that is divided in a divorce. If you created or acquired a piece of intellectual property during a divorce, such as a work of art, literature, or invention, then it could be subject to this process as “community property” in California. These assets may be intangible, and may not even be worth a lot at the time of the divorce, but their potential increase in value can make them some of your most important pieces of property.

An experienced Orange County divorce mediator may be able to assist you with coming to a positive resolution to this often-complex issue. Lani Baron, Attorney-Mediator at Alternative Divorce Solutions has substantial experience helping couples divide their property in a way that is both mutually-beneficial and looks after their best interests. She understands the difficulties that can arise from potentially high-value intellectual assets, and works diligently to help you reach a conclusion without the need of expensive and time-consuming courtroom litigation.

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Intellectual property is different from any other type of property simply because it is not tangible or physical. These objects can still nonetheless produce a steady stream of income and experience dramatic increases in value should the market for them improve.

We can help you with the division of the following intellectual property assets:

  • Copyrights
  • Patents
  • Royalties

“Comingled Property”

Most of the time, California courts will consider any intellectual property that was acquired during a marriage or was brought into a marriage but increased in value during its duration is considered to be “comingled property.” The only way to ensure you receive the value of these assets that you are entitled to is to obtain the assistance of a skilled mediator who can protect your claims during this process.

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