Turning Emotional Distress into Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Strength with Joey O’Mara

There is nothing more powerful than a positive mindset and a grateful attitude, especially when going through something as life-changing as a divorce. While it might be tough to maintain a positive outlook while going through the stressful process, there are certain mental and spiritual exercises one can adopt in order to develop self-compassion and love during tumultuous times.

Joining us to share some tips on how to develop deeper self-love is educator, yoga instructor, and spiritual guide, Joey O’Mara. Joey is an instructor at Equinox throughout Orange County and Ra Yoga.

What We Discussed in This Episode:

What is the spiritual concept of “attachment” and how can it cause suffering? Must couples do everything together? Or is it healthier to have some separation when it comes to interests and hobbies? Why it’s important to respect your partner’s feelings, desires, and love language even if they’re different than your own How to grant yourself some grace and forgiveness instead of beating yourself up continually? The realization that child(ren) develop their beliefs, values, and behaviors in large part due to what parent(s) inject into them How can an individual going through a divorce use adversity to their advantage? Why you should ignore the haters…including yourself Can you learn to appreciate and embrace the negative circumstances that you go through? What can you learn from them?